Donald Morton

Co-Founder & Engineering

When: Aug 2018 - present
Where: Los Angeles, California

HI i'm Don - one of the Co-Founders of Urspace. I run everything engineering :D During the day - I work at an organic baby food company called Yumi. Urspace is a sideproject we've been working on for the past couple of years!

What I'm probably doing right now

  1. Coding
  2. Eating
  3. Playing Games
  4. Browsing r/wallstbets
Pretty simple hobbies - I love building little projects for fun. Counterstrike and League are my go to games. 

Stuff I've Done

In highschool I ran a server hosting company because I didn't want to pay companies to host servers. In college I started a lil print on demand company and was making shirts & hoodies with my own designs. I also got really into system administration at one point and started a website where I wrote tutorials for aspiring sysadmins. 
Most recently I've just been working on Urspace. While a lot of the other things I have worked on have gotten traction - Urspace definitely has the most and I can see that we are really helping people. As a student looking for jobs - I spent so much time creating my own personal website and was I think Urspace has real potential to be the go to site for creating your portfolio / resume.

Reach Out

If you have a question or suggestion for urspace - please reach out to You can also reach me at my personal email if you click the lil "email me" button bellow. (My email is