Emily Chung

Co-Founder & Product

When: Aug 2018 - present
Where: Los Angeles, California

product & ops, I also dabble in some marketing and copywriting 💫 em.urspace.io

Hey! My name is Emily and I'm a co-founder at urspace :^) I run product and operations (aka the business side ;) around here. I recently graduated from UCLA with a degree in Economics but spent most of my time immersing myself in the startup scene on campus, learning about product and venture.

Here's what I'm consuming

  1. Morning Brew (daily email newsletter on business news)
  2. The Interface (daily email newsletter on social media from Casey Newton of The Verge)
  3. Recode Decode (weekly interview podcast on tech and news/politics/ideas, hosted my hero Kara Swisher)
  4. Pivot (bi-weekly conversational podcast on tech and news, co-hosted by my queen Kara Swisher and the nutty Professor Scott Galloway)

Here's what I'm following

  1. Retail trends: especially D2C companies! I have experience working retail at lululemon, and I love seeing how new e-commerce companies are entering and changing the space. (Also just super fascinated by the fashion industry as a whole)
  2. Anti-trust speculation: curious to see if anything will happen from all the conversation...will AWS spin off? Will the App Store get spun off?? Why do we keep letting Google buy companies? Also what's Facebook's deal idk ¯\(ツ)/¯
You can find my site at em.urspace.io hmu if you're interested in any of the above, and/or if you have any feedback on urspace and/or you just wanna be friends :^)