Vanessa Qin

Founder & CDO

When: Oct 2018 - present
Where: Los Angeles, California

Hellooo I'm Vanessa, I do all the design stuffs here so if anything looks janky or isn't working well.. drop me a line! 😅

How I got to urspace

I started working on urspace October of 2018. Donald and Emily reached out to me via LinkedIn (which I typically don't respond to), but honestly, Emily's profile said she worked at Lululemon and I stalked her on Facebook and she seemed like a cool person. So we got coffee! At the time, I was working at another startup in LA, Raya. But, if you know me, I'm all about the vibes and when I get the right vibe from someone, I'm in for the long haul. Before I knew it, we were jammin on ideas for hours (shoutout to bluestone lane for the wifi and doodle napkins) and I hopped on the team. I took a short break over the summer for an internship at Facebook NYC, and now I'm working on urspace as my senior capstone project in the Iovine and Young Academy.

More about mee

I'm a bay area native, coffee + oat milk FEEN, and an avid concert goer. Ya girl loves to sit in cafes all around the world – I've visited 17 countries so far and done 2 solo trips – next up on my travels this year will be Northern Europe, South Africa, and Bali. Aside from urspace, I've been running a life & style account on instagram since 2011, and I've recently taken up pottery!